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Zeo’s detailing, LLC will document; will not share without consent from the customer, and will therefore, keep confidential, the following information: 

  • Customer Name, phone number, and email  

  • Type of service rendered location where service was performed (Exact address) 


Zeo’s detailing, LLC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, at any time, with or without cause. 


  • Appointments may be booked same day for Packages, Alacarte services or add-ons. Otherwise, A minimum of at least 1 week in advance for the requested day / date / time for package details. 

  • Appointments are booked by submitting a deposit through QBO (QuickBooks online).  A prepayment is required to hold your spot.

  • If your deposit has been sent & is not paid or rescheduled 24-hours prior to your appointment date, your service may be canceled. 

  • You're allowed to reschedule.  An opportunity to reschedule will be granted. If no reschedule is confirmed, payment for your appointment will be fortified. (Any cancellations without rescheduling, will not guarantee the invoice payment paid back).

  • Appointments may not be scheduled for specific times; a 1-hour window will be confirmed with the customer, to allow technician(s) a sufficient amount of time between each service.    

  • Zeo’s detailing, LLC will make every effort to arrive at the earliest time within the confirmed 1-hour window. 

  • Technician will contact the customer by phone, when En-Route to service location. 

  • Zeo’s detailing, LLC will contact the customer by phone, at a minimum of at least 1 hour prior to scheduled window, to notify customer of any significant delay, or change requiring reschedule or cancellation of service. 


  • Zeo’s detailing, LLC will contact customer by phone, 24 to 48 hours before scheduled appointment, to confirm service, day, and time.  A minimum of 2 attempts will be made to contact customer.  If direct contact cannot be made, a message will be left to confirm appointment.  Customer is responsible for reply.

  • Failure to confirm appointment 24 hours in advance will result in cancellation of scheduled service. 


  • A 24-hour advance notice is required for cancellation or re-scheduling of appointment. 

  • No-shows or cancellations (Failure to arrive or meet at the scheduled time of detail after confirming within the same day) Zeo's Detailing, LLC reserves the right to charge for amount (Fee) of 40% which will be sent & will result in cancellation of future appointments till paid or will be added to your next appointment. 

  • Customer will be subject to a deposit of 40% prior to re-schedule of a service, following a late cancellation. 

  • Any opportunity to reschedule will be granted.  If no reschedule is confirmed, payment for your appointment will be forfeited.


Advertised prices listed online are listed before tax. All services are based on condition (Price may vary).  Zeo’s detailing, LLC will provide a free estimate of services. 

Estimates are based on the following: 

  • Type of service   

  • Size / Type of vehicle 

  • Condition of vehicle   

  • Location of clientele

Only service(s) agreed upon between Zeo’s detailing, LLC and customer at time of estimate, will be included in estimate.  Additional service(s) requested by customer, or recommended by Zeo’s detailing, LLC or its technician(s), after appointment is scheduled or at time of service, must be approved in writing by customer, prior to service being performed. 

Additional service(s) may / may not, need to be scheduled separately. 

Taxes are not included in original estimate for service(s), and will be applied to total at time of payment for all credit card, debit card, and mobile phone payments. 

Tax will also be charged for cash payments. Customer will be subject to an additional fee of 20% if personal property and / or excessive amounts of trash, is not removed from the vehicle prior to technician(s) arrival. 

Excessive "Dirtiness or Damage" for selected set packages may result in a price increase due to amount of labor needed. 



Payment is due at the time of service.  If an Invoice is sent due to the absence of the customer or if hardware is down for the time being, the following will be applied.

If a job has been completed and an invoice has been sent but the payment has not been paid within a 24 hour time frame of completed service; An additional $50.00 will be added to the total amount due and another appointment may not be booked until payment is made. 

Discounts or coupons must be redeemed at the time appointment is scheduled, and may not be applied after appointment confirmation. Discounts cannot be stacked, (1) discount allowed per customer. Specials selected are not to be combined with discounts.  

The following forms of payment are accepted:

  • Cash 

  • Apple Pay

  • Credit Card / Debit card (processed through “Square” payment app.) 


Please direct all questions or concerns regarding scheduled service(s) to Zeo’s detailing, LLC prior to the start of scheduled service(s). 

Arrangements MUST be made in advance, in order to ensure proper cleaning and sanitation for service(s)  

Requiring cleanup of any of the following: 

  • Hazardous materials 

  • Urine or Feces

  • Excessive Mold 

  • Vomit 

  • Blood 

Service will be cancelled, and will need to be re-scheduled, if customer fails to make prior arrangements with Zeo’s detailing, LLC.

Zeo’s detailing, LLC will not be responsible for loss of, or damage to, valuables or personal property left in vehicle. 

Zeo's Detailing, LLC will not be held responsible for damages to vehicle. 

If a part inside your vehicle breaks due to wear and tear while service is in session, Zeo's Detailing, LLC may help to find a replacement and re-install after purchase, but are not held responsible. 

Technician(s) will not enter into any closed private compartment inside cabin of vehicle (glove compartment box; console, etc.), where access is not needed in order to perform service(s), unless notified or confirmation is granted by customer. 

Prior to service, customer is responsible for the following: 

  • Remove all valuables and personal property from inside vehicle cabin and any space included in service(s) to be performed 

  • Remove excess trash  

Zeo’s detailing, LLC will not tolerate Any verbal or physical abuse toward owner or staff under any circumstances.   Service will be immediately discontinued, and legal action will be taken, should any such behaviors be encountered. 

Maintenance packages are available to customer(s) with purchase of the Ultra, Mini or Classic detail only. 

  • Weekly

  • Bi-weekly

  • Monthly

     Ceramic Coatings

A deposit is required prior to coating installation.

After receiving a Ceramic Coating, Zeo's Detailing, LLC will converse with customer(s) the correct information to maintain proper care for your vehicle. For the One, Three, Five & up to Seven year Ceramic / Or Graphene coating's; 

If a customer determines a problem with a Ceramic Coating that was installed through us, contact immediately for the problem will be inspected and further action will be taken at the earliest convenience.  

Incase of a collision or minor damage, Zeo's Detailing, LLC will help you get your coating re-installed through your insurance or fix / possibly re-coat.  

Ceramic Coating installation will be completed within a minimum of 6 -7 hours, in some cases 1 - 2 day turn around is to be expected. Once the coating is installed an additional 24 - 72 hours will be a recommended cure time without touching water. 

After 1 month from when a ceramic coating has been applied Zeo's Detailing, LLC will provide (1) 50% off Ceramic exterior maintenance.  


Ceramic Coated vehicles need special care. 

  • Proper washes

  • Thorough drying (Air & Towel drying)

  • Proper products & Techniques 

DO NOT use any gas station (Mechanical) car washes, charity car washes, or allow dealerships to wash your vehicle. No washing in direct sunlight (Shaded areas possibly early mornings, or evenings only or spot free water only).

A professional auto detailer with the knowledge of proper care for a Ceramic Coating or the owner of the vehicle only should wash the vehicle.


If Zeo's Detailing, LLC is unable to care for your vehicle please ask for a referral.  Another qualified and trusted detailer will be recommended to help you.  If any bird droppings, hard water spots, or contamination are on your coated vehicle remove them immediately or as soon as possible to prevent damages to your vehicles coating.


Be sure to wash your vehicle after days with vog, fireworks or even after trips to the beach where additonal salt will accumulate onto the surface of the vehicle. 

Wash your vehicle as needed, or at least once a month.  DO NOT use any abrasives on the Ceramic Coated vehicle such as contaminated towels / contaminated wash mitts.

No waxes, or sealants that do not included si02 (Ceramic based) are recommended not to use or so not needed. 

If customer(s) prefer Zeo's Detailing, LLC to maintain Ceramic Coated vehicle(s), the following rates apply for the members only exterior

  • Weekly maintenance 

  • Bi-weekly maintenance 

  • Monthly maintenance

  • Quarterly maintenance

  • Yearly inspections 

Zeo's Detailing, LLC will sell professional grade products that will ensure longevity of the coating if needed by customer to upkeep Ceramic Coating on their own. 

Coatings available can cover the following areas: 

  • Paint 

  • Glass

  • Trim

  • Wheels

  • Undercarriage 

  • Leather

  • Carpet

  • Seat covers

Ceramic coatings will protect your vehicle against UV rays, color fading, bugs and bird droppings If properly maintained.  Ceramic coatings are not scratch resistant, but will repels oils, dirt, and water. Some coatings are also chemical resistant. They are extremely easy to clean (Hydrophobic), extreme gloss and shine, protects paint for up to the years listed of coating.

The following will be covered in weekly - Monthly maintenance coating package 

  • Water spotting

  • Stains (If included in service purchased)

  • Paint transfer

  • Dirt 

  • Brake dust

  • industrial fall-out rust

  • Other contaminates

Coating maintenance package will be voided if scheduled appointments are missed, or cancelled without advanced notice.

Forward all suggestions, comments, or complaints, to Zeo’s Detailing, LLC at:


  • Call / Text:  808-282-5968 

  • Instagram @zeosdetailing 


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