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Scheduling is by appointment only; A deposit will confirm your appointment for the selected day & time. 


Packages listed below are calculated before tax.  Prices may vary based upon the condition of your vehicle.

All personal belongings are to be removed from your vehicle prior to arrival for any services including interior details.  We are not responsible for any items left behind or thrown away. 

(A' la carte; Add-on services or create your own package).

Engine Cleaning

 Approximately $100.00 (1hr)

Exterior Detail 

Approximately $300.00 (3-4hrs)

Interior Detail

Approximately $300.00 (3-4hrs)

Ozone Treatment

 Approximately $75.00 (.5hr)

Undercarriage Degrease / Wash

 Approximately $125.00 (1hr)

Headlight restoration

​ Approximately $100.00 (1.5hrs)

Hard water mineral Removal

​ Starting at $100.00 (1-4hrs)

Paint Enhancement (Polishing)

 Contact for price (2-3hrs)

Steam cleaning (Carpet, carpet mats & upholstery / Panels

 Starting at $165.00 (2-4hrs)

Shampoo (Carpet, carpet mats &/Or upholstery) 

Contact for price (6-8hrs)

Tire rotation (Wheels) & check air pressure

Approximately $150.00 (2hrs: Rotation does not apply to staggered wheels)

Tint Removal

 $20.00 per window: Make the job easier for your tint guy! (.5-1hr)

Mold Remediation / Removal

 Approximately $600.00 (7+hrs)


Panel / Seat removal / Insecticide

​ Contact for price (.5-2hrs)

Carpet Dying or Full Interior Strip Down

 Contact for price (8+hrs)


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