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Ceramic coatings                                                                          

In-person consultations recommended.

All coating packages include a complete wash, decontamination, stage 1 paint correction & a topper. Expect a 1–2 day turnaround time. We are certified installers for System X, Artdeshine, Pearl Nano, Owners Pride & IGL coatings.

1-year coating (Paint only) $600

3-year coating (Paint & glass only) $1200

5-year & 7-year coatings, call for inquiry (1-2 day turn around)

2-year window coating (Glass only) $200

2-year rim coating $400

We also offer undercarriage coatings & custom packages***

Further in-depth work that requires a Paint correction / Paint defect removal, additional price may vary.

  • Stage 1 correctio

  • Stage 2 correction

  • Stage 3 correction


Other Coating(s)

  • Leather & Plastics

  • Carpet & Upholstery

  • Suspension / Undercarriage

  • Exterior Trim

  • Brake calipers, Barrels & Fender wells 

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